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"Deep-rooted anger still remains in my right hand
That power of ache will just keep me alive
But the truth almost has revealed"
It's time to end these miseries"
Through My Blood - Mika Kobayashi

Aaaand with this the male half of the main cast has been introduced, sorta (I mean, new dude hasn't been named in the comic yet but yeah). I've been waiting to get to this page for SO LONG D:<
(That mark on Din's back is probably gonna come back to bite me in the butt later story-wise but the impulse was too stroooooooong so here we are.)

You can read Galebound here or on Tapastic here.
Country Parkour
Fanart of Chel and Jayd of 2-Sided Cassette! :D

When I was a kid there was a cement irrigation ditch that ran along my yard. The field behind my house switched to using those rolling pipes forever ago and the ditch was always dry, so one of the things I liked doing was this wall-running thing along the sides: Three running steps, hop to the other side, three more steps, etc. Was probably way less cool than it seemed xD But anyway, that seemed like something these kids would do.

Read 2-Sided Cassette here!
I can show you the way if you gaze at the stars
When the universe leaves all the gates ajar
Whether I’ll be there is no question at all
I could not escape the vortex to which we are drawn.
"We Come Together" by Goldfish

So originally I was going to actually color this, but I liked the colored lineart so much and the colors just were weakening it so here we are :V Quick drawing for fun. I don't know why, but I wanted to draw cut-in like things. In retrospect the colored version might have been better had I gone for dramatic underlighting...

Anyway, five major characters to Galebound: Most of them have been introduced already. One of them is actually new to the comic; she didn't appear in the novel at all. I'm still sort of working out her story...This isn't all of the major characters, but they all have something in common that dictates their fates--they're all galebound, you might say.

Read Galebound here or on Tapastic

Oh geez lol when I first submitted this it was with the filename as the title which contained a massive spoiler OwO''' Like one so massive I've literally revealed it to no one and that's unusual for me.
Art Trade: Rewriting the Future
Note to self: shade with purple more often.

So, I've titled this as an art trade, but in truth it's more fanart. I've had this idea rolling around for a bit, just needed an excuse to get it down on paper.

In Paradise, I think Chas and Lon are my favorite characters because they're both oozing with hidden depths and secrets.........well, I mean, Crenen is, too, but he gets plenty of love as it is, being the charismatic megalomaniac of the bunch. Anyway, some concepts taken from the book so uh...bit spoilery here :D

Anyway, here's (from left to right) Chasym, Key, and Lon of Mirrasae and MikoKa's Liars go to Paradise, which you can read in comic form here or in novel form here.

I liked the brush I used for the rough sketch so much that I ended up using it for the completed drawing :V
One of the panels from today's page of Galebound :V I was pretty happy with this one so wanted to post a text-free full version of it as well.


One of the tough things about drawing this world is the sky and things contained therein. GB takes place on a tidally-locked world, which means the sun is stuck in that position on the horizon for most of the population 24/7........errr, 27/7. Yeah. Anyway, it's also a red dwarf star, so you can actually stare at it without going blind! But still probably don't.

You can read Galebound here!

I spotted a coloring error as I uploaded this. Merp.


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I haven't drawn in a couple years, but people keep pestering me about here I am again. Just putting this place as a home for some drawings and scribbles, I guess.


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